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Hello Visitors and STARlings! ✨

I know those of us on Facebook have endured a whirlwind of emotion with a series of group deletions and zuccenings. Some may find it exciting; others exhausting. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Though we would rather not conform to asinine “community standards” administered by mindless bots, it seems that in order to exist in that space, compromise is necessary.

About That STAR App:

At the end of the day, free speech is important to us as a collective and we would prefer to engage more authentically without having to censor ourselves on a constant basis. Because of that we are looking into options for the future. Something that can accommodate our ever growing family and still keep us engaged.

We understand conversion is inconvenient and old habits die hard. Understanding the difficulties and reluctance to migrate to other platforms, we have kept in mind both convenience and quality. Though we do not have a concrete answer right now, please know that several meetings take place on a weekly basis in order to push this ball farther down the field. We want you all to know that we hear your suggestions! We agree that a STAR app would be absolutely ideal in the long run. We appreciate your patience as this can be a long and expensive process. As things progress, we will be sure to keep you posted.

About STARcon:

For many of us, this started as a far-fetched fantasy in a 2018 messenger chat. For others, you have recently joined a dynamic group with a robust and active community. Whether you have waited for years, or are just excited to link up right away, the thought of meeting up in person and seeing how this energy would translate physically is something we’re all looking forward to. Suggestions for STARcon continue to pour in! We love hearing everyone's ideas, and the enthusiasm is infectious.

We are happy to announce that we are progressing in this process, and look forward to hosting the first ever STARcon in late 2022.

We have recently hired an event planner to assist in ensuring that it is a quality event. Since we have all waited with baited breath, we just want you to know that we too are serious about it and looking into the best ways to facilitate an event of this scale.

With that being said, it is a given that there will be a need to fund something of this caliber. That is also under consideration as we negotiate what the priorities are and how to best serve this community. Be on the lookout for your opportunity to support and help facilitate this event! Your feedback is imperative and we are so excited to have the opportunity to present an event like this to the world.

About STARculture Merch:

We took a break in Taurus season as we are making changes in production and figuring out how to best facilitate our goals moving forward. We have decided to return to Teespring for the time being as a few of us make some big moves across the country and across some oceans! There are more designs in the works as well as opportunities for other artists to submit their work for consideration.

We are still working out the details, but in the meantime you can check out our shop here. Sign up for email alerts at the bottom of this post so you never miss a release!

About STAR on FB:

As the majority of you know, Joaly Nicole - aka Queen Machete, & Nao Konopka of @therealitsnao have been hit with indefinite restrictions in regards to posting in groups. Though on the surface this may seem like a huge set back, it is actually right on time this Mercury Retrograde season. With so much to work on in terms of the growth trajectory of this community, less time on Facebook is actually a reduction in distractions. The group which you can currently find here, is still up and active!

Our community is still robust, and we have back ups on deck. We are hoping that changes in how we engage on Facebook will help protect the group. It is an opportunity to lay low and possibly clean the slate. It is not guaranteed though. We could get deleted again and again. We will use the backups as long as we can and continue to post in the sister groups. If for whatever reason you cannot find the group we will always have an up-to-date link here on the website.

STAR Elsewhere Online:

There have been many suggestions for other platforms that can host our community. Discord and Reddit are among the most popular, but there are others that have been under consideration. At the current time, there isn’t a direct push to build a STAR community on any other platforms; we would rather build something that they cannot take from us. We are intent on being independent and innovative and are looking for solutions that can facilitate the kind of virtual online community we envision. With the genius that is Noelle Horton of Circe & Co, we are diligently seeking opportunities for our collective that include all the elements that we find important: freedom, authenticity and autonomy.

With that being said, there are communities on other platforms. TikTok has the hashtag #STARtok with over a million views. On the lesser known MeWe, there is a group and a chat – it is absolutely dormant, but perhaps someday that app will gain traction and we will already have some footing there. On Instagram there is the #STARculture hashtag, though many of us are not as consistent over there.

STAR in Person:

Recently, there have been a series of in-person meet ups, especially in Southern California. There are also rumblings of Oregon, Florida, and Texas meet ups. With Noey in her van criss-crossing this diverse country of ours, STARlings are connecting all over the place! We love to see it! Highly encourage it (using your best judgement and making safety a priority of course) as making in person connections is not only fun, but can be transformative. Because there are STARlings all over the world it is a natural deduction that regional gatherings are going to be a norm in our post pandemic world.

Our long term goals include a civic organization in every major city, when you move to a new place, and finding your local STAR chapter. We envision us serving the communities in which we exist and each group having autonomy in their own space. If you have experience or interest in something like this, please feel free to comment below as any and all discourse on this subject is absolutely useful in growing in the direction that can serve the most good.

We are so excited to talk about all these changes. The future is bright regardless of what censorship issues we may face on certain social media platforms. It is this kind of pressure that creates diamonds. We will be pushed, and we will deliver, we will persevere! Why? Because we have a mission, a point of view, a voice that needs to be heard as this industry grows. Committed to inclusivity and authenticity is who we are, and representing that beyond the spaces we have previously been confined to is on the horizon.

It is time to answer the call, to truly manifest this community as an entity outside of the obscure corner of facebook groups but as a force in pop culture.

Delusions of grandeur? Only if we give up, and there are upsides to mania :)

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