Welcome to The Nebula

It has been a long time coming, but you have finally arrived at the place where STARs are born! Whether you are an OG STARling or someone newer to the community, here you will find the central hub for all your STARverse needs. The Society of Tarot & Astrology Readers (STAR) originated in 2018 as a satirical, irreverent group on facebook that bravely addressed the issues with the metaphysical community, and has blossomed into a whole network of interconnected collectives.

Many of you have wondered what the next evolution of STAR will be, where we can authentically exist outside of social media ``community standards." This is a step into the future. We intend to grow as a society, both as a civic organization and a network of professionals. Our unique flavor and audacious approach sets us apart from any other sector in this blossoming industry.

Here at STAR The Society we will continue to carve out a space of our own where we can exist and continue to evolve. We are made up of all kinds of individuals, and understand that inclusivity isn't always harmonious. We do not strive for harmony, we just intend to coexist in authenticity. Feedback from all of you is imperative as it will help shape the path that we forge moving forward.

Right now, you can find links to our shop where you can get your STARculture merch or you can sign up for email alerts so that you always can find your way back to STARBASE. Here you will also find our blog and you can stay up to date with any progress on STARcon, or any local meetups. In the future we hope to host a forum, and exist with more autonomy online.

We are so grateful for everyone's participation, contribution and support. Even with those we have since fallen out of favor there is no way we could have survived all these years and arrived on the precipice of a future so bright. Thank you for riding with us and stay tuned!

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