Astrology & Tarot Society by STAR

The employee lounge of the Tarot/Astrology community. A thriving community of the most up-and-coming metaphysical creators with its own unique culture. Click here to join.

The Academy by STAR

The Academy where we don't do shit at all but in the future intend to do something – perhaps. Click here to join.

The Starling Witches

A VIP witchy space for witches who are unapologetically authentic and dig deep into their ancestral practices to cultivate a modern Craft that is light, dark, and ready to drag. Access can only be gained by joining Nao's Patreon or Joaly's Patreon.

Society of Tarot & Astrology Gamers

Where STARlings come to get their gamer on! All platforms and or general geekery/nerditude is welcome! Click here to join.

Raising STARs

A place for Starlings to discuss all things parenting! Click here to join.